I was a togolaise, the first woman legitimates Edith Kokoè Liebl, born Ajavon, who had loved doctor fritz Liebl, with which we had founded a family together.

Johann was our child, the fruit of our alliance in front of god, and was my only memory remained in this marriage.

 we had often corresponded, when my husband had returned to Germany; because it missed its small liked good much, and I did not know the reason of cut of our contact; can be Fritz knew it already, because its return was not a voyage of good-bye for me.

I knew at all, just as my ancestors, than a racist law which was hidden behind all these occurrence and which had been ever pronounced to us and which would have a disadvantage on the legitimation of my son, whereas German was the welcomes each time on our premises.

Gerson, us them ancestors of Togo support you and we always remain in contact by PS. 23

Message of the ancestors