Restitution of Nachtigall hospital in Anécho in 1908, from where I exerted medicine as a doctor of the German government and founded a family.

I was native of Straubing, Bavarian, Doctor Friedrich Karl Georg Liebl, wire of Johann (senior) and Karolina Liebl, born Hield, of origin of Freising.


Here the last residence of Doctor Friedrich Liebl.

Indeed, Gerson is my small legitimate son, because I had contracted a usual marriage with his large-mére Edith Kokoč Ajavon legally in 1908 in Anécho in Togo, of which my first wire Johann junior had been born in 1910.

I also told with certain colleagues of work my marriage celebrated in Africa with my dear liked well Edith concerning our married life; so that this is transmitted as a proof; because there was not any German marital status or togolais.

I could not declare in Germany, my first celebrated marriage in Africa, because that, I should absolutely present the certificate of divorce, before I can marry for the second time; whereas it would be impossible for me to obtain this fammeux divorce; because the old racist laws allemandesétaient the base of the law of my silence.

Of course I was married for the second time with a German woman in Germany, of which we had had together three children.

My children could as, as they have a large-brother, who  was colled Johann Liebl and which lived in Lome, this is why my son Fritz junior had decided in December 1973, return visit to this last and unfortunately this meeting was not possible any more, because this last already had died lengthened on its bed.

I never thought of that, that my heritage would cause today the discord between my two families, so not I were going to seek a solution and to find it, whereas my small son would like only to have one good relation with them.

Gerson, I wish you much courage and I am of any heart and in heart with you.

Message of the ancestors