Yes, I was a also doctor in Lome, the first wire legitimates, Johann Liebl, child of Edith and Fritz, which had been born in 1910 in Lome.

I was very proud, that I had been able reveler with my Gerson son much of things on my parents, so that it can transmit this in the future.

I thank you much, that you replace me, and you do what were to do; because you are not any more one lost German, because you connaîs maintaining the origin of my father and you reside there.

God thank you, that because of you, and through your clean efforts, this business of the marriage to the so-called course German colonization in Togo which had remained unexplained, would be solved early or late

Gerson, I ask you for perseverer; because the branch does not break in the arms of the chameleon.

Message of the father